Apple AirPods Pro Generation 2 Price In Pakistan

Apple Airpods Pro Generation 2 Price In Pakistan

It was rebuilt from the ground up. Apple AirPods generation 2 was re-engineered for even more immersive audio experiences. Active Noise Cancellation and Adaptive Clearness The following levels of Active Noise Cancellation and Adaptive Clearness reduce external Noise. Spatial audio brings immersion to a remarkably personal level. Adjust volume with a swipe, and a leap in power gives you 6 hours of battery life from a single charge. Activated Noise Cancellation provides up to 6 hours of listening time. Using the case, you can expect up to 30 hours of total listening time with Active Noise Cancellation, enabling the new and iconic look of Apple AirPods Pro Generation 2 price in Pakistan.

Apple AirPods Pro Generation 2 price in Pakistan is RS. 76,900.

Apple AirPods Pro Generation 2 price in the USA is $275.69

Audio Performance of Apple AirPods Pro 2

Apple AirPods Pro Generation 2 Price
H2 Powerful chip

H2 is More immersive by every measure.

The latest Apple‑designed H2 chip is the strength behind AirPods Pro and its progressive audio performance. It operates in the front with a customized‑built driver and amplifier to provide crispy, clear high notes and in-depth, rich bass with lovely definition, so every sound is more flashy than ever. The brand-new H2 chip brings out better functions than ever, using computational algorithms to provide even more elegant noise cancellation, excellent three-dimensional sound, and more efficient battery life simultaneously.

The chip uses mighty new transformation algorithms to process sound sufficiently quickly, tuning audio at the accurate moment you hear it. Every detail is for your ear shape, immersing you in higher‑fidelity sound. A custom-made-built driver and amplifier operate with the H2 chip to deliver lower misshaping during playback, so you’ll listen to more profound bass and crispier joys across all volume levels. The valuable Apple AirPods pro generation 2 Price In Pakistan is RS. 76,900.

Noise Cancellation of Apple AirPods Pro  2

A wonder of trendy silence.

Apple AirPods Pro Generation 2 Price
A redesigned pair of AirPods 2.
  • Noise-cancelling microphones and a rear flue are optimally set to detect sound arriving in, performing together to counter Noise before it catches your ear.
  • Featuring up to two times more noise cancellation than their ancestor, the H2-powered AirPods Pro lets you hear in relaxation.
  • The Apple AirPods Pro Generation 2 price in Pakistan A renewed driver and improved hearing algorithms help Active Noise.
  • Cancellation relieves more undesirable Noise, so nothing interrupts listening during your commute and when you need to concentrate. And it reduced Noise to 48 thousand per second.

Case Structure

Apple AirPods Pro Generation 2 Price
Apple AirPods Pro Generation 2

A Case of Unlimited Power:

  • A new U1  chip encourages you to locate My with Precision Finding for your case so that you can identify it.
  • You can also use Find My with a nearness view if you lose track of your AirPods Pro. An updated structure offers additional ways to maintain track of the case.
  • You won’t see a more capable case like this.
  • The case’s built‑in speaker recreates sound to allow you to locate it, and all-new tones alert you when the battery is down.
  • A lanyard hitch allows you to connect the case to a backpack or handbag, so the immersive sound is ever within reach. You won’t see a better capable chance.

AirPods and Accessibility:

AirPods Pro goes beyond the listening experience and meets your unique hearing needs. Features like Conversational Enhancement allow you to focus on the voice right in front of you. Headphone settings boost frequencies so you can hear clearly. When you must focus on a guest speaker in a crowded auditorium, Live Listen works with your iPhone to record audio remotely.

Battery life of Apple AirPods Pro  2

Apple AirPods Pro Generation 2 Price
MagSafe Case.
    • The latest MagSafe Charging Case has features that make listening on the move quite convenient.
    • The extended battery life lets you hear, watch, and talk longer between charges. Apple AirPods Pro Generation 2 price in Pakistan
    • It provides up to 6 hours of listening, with Active Noise Cancellation allowed.
    • It offers up to 30 hours of listening with active noise cancellation, permitted using the AirPods case.
    • You can also use an Apple Watch or MagSafe charger to recharge the MagSafe charging case.
    • AirPods Pro and the MagSafe Charging Case support the IPX4 work and are water-resistant.
    • It also supports the Lightning connector or Qi-certified charger.

Magical Features

Clarity on a Large Scale:

Apple AirPods Pro Generation 2 Price
Magical setup

AirPods Pro has all the features that make the AirPods family so magical, from instant setup to Siri commands. And new features allow you to tackle more tasks with outstanding ease. Tap connect to seamlessly pair AirPods Pro with any device in your iCloud account. And if your case is custom engraved, the exact engraving is on your device’s screen for a much better personal experience. Place AirPods Apple AirPods Pro Generation 2 price in Pakistan on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV you’re watching and connect them immediately. AirPods Pro (2nd generation) offers an even more enjoyable experience than the original model. Control the playback functions from the branch and adjust the volume with a light swipe up or down.

Express it in a way simply you can.

Apple AirPods Pro Generation 2 Price
We are featuring new AirPods cases.

Discover new engraving options for AirPods. Using emojis, pictures, and numbers, you can mix emojis, pictures, and numbers. Choose your AirPods with emojis, names, initials, and numbers.

In Box:

  • AirPods
  • C-type Lightning Cable.
  • MagSafe Charger. Four sizes of silicone ear guides.
  • Documents.

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